For over 100 children attending the Primary and High Schools in the Vunimoli area of Vanua Levu, getting to school and home each day is no easy task. These children live on the other side of the wide Korotari River. Children wade chest high through the water. Smaller children cling to an inflated inner tube. When the river is too rough or too deep (particularly during January to April) the children are often unable to get to school.

In addition, there are four villages affected. Many sugar cane farmers have stopped sugar cane farming as they face difficulties getting the cane across the river to take it to the sugar mills of Labasa. Sugar production from this area has dropped from 3000 tons to less than 1500 tons

Some families have resorted to renting accommodation in town so that their children can receive a proper education but this option is not one that is available to most families.


We have taken advice from the Fiji Government and it is clear that the best solution to this problem is the provision of an Irish Bridge which can be used by the children to get to and from school safely but that will also help open up access for the wider community. Trucks will be able to take sugar cane to the mills. The economy of the area will improve and the four villages and farming community will no longer be so isolated.

Clearly this is a major under-taking and our most ambitious project to date. We are determined to see this project through to completion. We are currently in communication with the Fiji Government to seek joint funding and we are approaching Trusts and Companies for further assistance. However, we do need your support, no matter how small (or large) your contribution might be. If anyone has contacts with organisations or companies who might wish to support this worthy cause we would be happy to receive details. We can obviously acknowledge such support through our website and through the media if wished

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