Charity wrist bands

Available in adult size (202mm) or child size (180mm)

for (at least) 1.00 each or equivalent  (plus postage)

 Contact us   us to order



'Children of Fiji' Christmas cards are available from 2.50 to 3.50 per pack of 10 (plus postage). There are several designs available.

Sew on Badges

We have 75 mm diameter sew on cloth badges of the charity logo. These have proved very popular with guides and brownies.

If you would like one or more then please contact us. The badges are 1 each (plus 75p postage)


Tea Towels

We have charity tea towels for sale at 2.50 each.




Key Rings

Key rings with a plastic fob containing a charity children photo are available at a cost of 50p each (plus postage)



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