Our philosophy



The charity ‘Children of Fiji’ is formed on humanitarian grounds and has no religious or political affiliation.

Our fundamental belief is that all children have an equal right to opportunities, including love, healthcare and education. This right is not dependent on gender, ethnic origin, cultural background, ability, religious belief or financial status.

We are realistic and accept that our ideal is unlikely to ever be accomplished completely. This should not and does not stop us from working towards this ultimate aim.

Whilst doing all that we can to help children, we are quite aware of our need to educate some of the adult population. No child is ever born to hate or show prejudice to others. These negative qualities are taught and nurtured by adults, either by direct example or by ignoring them in others. We therefore need to educate adults if we are to break the vicious circle. 

It is our belief that all children should be helped wherever they are. Children do not have any choice as to where they are born or into what circumstances they are born. Obviously our focus is on the children of Fiji, as we have seen the need at first hand. We do not however help the children of Fiji at the expense of other children.


All children are entitled to a childhood, the chance to play in safety, explore their environment and establish effective relationships with other children and adults. They should learn to show self-respect, be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others and show respect for people of other cultures and beliefs. They should learn to express their feelings and behave in appropriate ways, developing an understanding of what is right, what is wrong and why.

We very much hope that you will sympathise with what we are doing and support us in whatever way you can.

Peter and Margaret Long                 September 2000


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