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We have successfully held a mass balloon release for the last 6 years or so. However, we are aware of threat that these balloons pose to wild life. Each year we have had to weigh up the success of the event in terms of fund raising against the possible harmful effects on wild life.


With this in mind, we decided to change the format in 2014 and to hold a ‘virtual balloon release’ instead. We very much hope that you will understand the reasons behind this and support us in our efforts to help disadvantaged children in Fiji by buying or selling ‘virtual balloons’ on our behalf


The prize for the virtual balloon that travels the furthest is £100






How we propose to carry out the ‘virtual balloon release’






On average the return rate for balloons (the real thing) has been between 5% and 7%. In other words, we tend to have about 50 to 70 labels returned from a 1000 balloon release (presumably the others are lost in the sea or inaccessible places, or simply not returned).


We will continue to sell ‘virtual balloons’ for £1.50 each. We will make out small numbered tickets for all the balloons sold (we will have a list of the owners) and fold and seal these so that the number cannot be seen. We will then, in a public venue, ask someone to randomly select 10% of the tickets. These will represent the ‘balloons returned’.


Separately we will decide on a large number of possible destinations (sealed so that they are not visible) and ask someone to randomly pick out the same number of destinations as the number of returned balloons


During the normal two week period for returns, we will ask someone to take a numbered ticket and a destination ticket (again in public). These will be opened and the result recorded. We will reveal the tickets perhaps 10 at a time over a number of different days during the 2 week period. Each time we will update the results on our web site. Thus people will not know if their ticket is the winning ticket until all have been revealed on the final day.


The owner of the balloon that has ‘travelled’ the furthest distance will then be awarded the prize






What will we do with the money raised?





Every day over 100 children risk their lives as they wade through the deep, wide Korotari River to get to school. The answer is to build a bridge across the river. We have decided to use this year's balloon event to help raise funds towards this.

We urge you to 'buy' a virtual balloon (£1.50 each or equivalent) or, even better, offer to sell a sheet of 20 virtual balloons (or more). Please contact us for information as how to buy / sell the virtual balloons.  contact

If you wish to buy one or more virtual balloons 'instantly' then click on this link, donate the appropriate amount and PUT YOUR CONTACT DETAILS IN THE MESSAGE OR EMAILTHEM TO US SEPARATELY

The 'owner' of the virtual balloon that travels the furthest will win a prize of a UK hot air balloon ride for two people (or the cash equivalent). It doesn't matter where in the world you live, you can still take part. Follow the results on our website and if you win then choose either the balloon ride or the cash equivalent prize

If everyone reading this buys at least one virtual balloon it will go a long way towards our target to get this bridge built. Further information on our bridge project go to LATEST PROJECT